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Saxenda Approved in the EU

An Injectable Weight-Loss Drug

According to Saxenda, an injectable weight-loss drug is now available for people which will help them to lose more weight than what they would lose through exercising or dieting. This drug is known as Liraglutide and is already being sold across Europe as a treatment for type 2 diabetes; however, it will now be approved to be sold in larger doses under the brand name Saxenda specifically for weight loss. Saxenda is, therefore, the new weight loss medication that is about to be launched in the EU and also in the US that will be used in combination with dieting and exercise that will help those that are obese and suffering from weight-related conditions to lose weight faster. Trials were conducted on obese patients who were unable to walk and we’re sitting in wheelchairs and using this drug they were able to lose so much weight that they were able to abandon their wheelchairs and walk normally. According to the makers of this drug, Novo Nordisk of Denmark, the drug also produces a feel-good factor” which makes dieting and exercising a pleasure for the user thus enhancing the entire weight loss process.

The Theory behind Saxenda

Saxenda works by regulating appetite by inducing a feeling of fullness and by reducing hunger pains. The drug is injected on a daily basis before breakfast. Once it gets into the body, it will work on the hormone in the stomach that sends signals of hunger to the brain. The drug will trick this hormone into sending signals of fullness instead thus resulting in the user not feeling hungry. It is expected that the user will eat ten percent less than what he would without the drug. 

The drug will only be offered to adults with a body mass index of more than 30 or between 27 and 30 if they are suffering from weight-related health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. Patients will receive a daily dosage of 3mg for twelve weeks and it is expected that their body weight will be reduced by at least five percent. If it does not they should stop treatment. Read More...

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Saxenda Approved In The EU

Saxenda Approved In The EU


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